There are many different ways for a human being to communicate. The most common being language. We connect with one another using a series of arranged words to create sentences that ultimately convey whatever it is we are trying to say. When translating from one language to another it gets a little complicated.

My native language is Portuguese. Spanish and English followed due to necessity and by choice I studied Italian making it my forth.  When I communicate in one language I tend to think completely in that language. Something triggers in my mind allowing the words to flow. There are times that I refer to one language or many in order to make sense of an unknown language. It is a constant back and forth as if there was some kind of mechanism in my brain feeding me the information granting me access to multiple language dictionaries at once allowing me to make sense of the conversation at hand.

The same can be said for electricity. An electronic item sold in the USA cannot be plugged in a European socket without the proper convergence applicator. That’s due to the different voltage. With the different voltage there are also different plugs. The shapes change and vary from country to country insuring proper attention when plugging an electronic device. Just like language. Languages change from country to country, sometimes the change is drastic other times it can be a ‘simple’ dialect or accent change.

I tried to convey that same attention to the connections in my pieces. One necklace can close onto itself but also through the adaptor become one with the other. Once connected the transmission of information from one language to the other can stream easily. This creates a type of communication personal to the wearer.
Anna Helena Van De Pol De Deus
Contemporary Jewelry